Veterans and Cannabis Are Making Waves in the Industry in 8 Amazing Ways

Veterans and Cannabis

In the cannabis sector, veterans and cannabis have made waves. In this field, military veterans have found success as entrepreneurs, employees, and card-carrying patients.

Veterans consume cannabis at higher rates than the general public, so it’s no wonder that the industry has attracted them for employment and entrepreneurship.

Veterans with military experience have developed the strong leadership, operational, attention-to-detail, and teamwork abilities required to meet the challenges of this emerging industry. Here are some examples of how veterans have worked to improve the industry.

Working as a Veteran in the Cannabis Industry

Many veterans who want to establish their own business or work their way through the ranks from an entry-level position to a higher-paying job in a cannabis company have found the cannabis sector to be a welcoming atmosphere.

Veterans can be found in all levels of the cannabis industry, from entry-level trimmers to CEOs.

Veterans’ military experience, in particular, has made them particularly well-suited to the security sector of the economy.

Cannabis firms are expected to use strict security measures. For example, outside the retail store, dispensaries must employ an armed security guard and another to transport cash and inventory.

Not just security, but other sectors of the industry can benefit from veterans. Veterans offer a sense of duty and tactical training to the cannabis cultivation, retail, processing, lab testing, distribution, and ancillary industries.

Veteran Entrepreneurs Launch Cannabis Businesses

Military veterans understand the physical and mental pain that comes with serving in the military. Veterans who have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), pain, and anxiety have found cannabis very beneficial. Many veterans launch businesses in the cannabis sector to help others who can benefit from it as well.

Helmand Valley Growing Company was created by a group of Marine veterans who sought to raise mental health and safe cannabis use awareness. In California, HVGC products can be found in dispensaries. The proceeds go entirely to medical marijuana research for veterans. To research veterans and cannabis use, the business has teamed up with an Israeli lab, NiaMedic Healthcare, and UC Irvine.

Prohibition has an impact on veterans and cannabis use.

It has taken a long time for veterans to have widespread access to cannabis. The Veterans Medical Marijuana Safe Harbor Act, for example, has failed to gain Congressional approval on two occasions. The idea would make medical cannabis more accessible to veterans suffering from several ailments.

Veterans are currently permitted to utilise medical cannabis in states where it is legal. Their usage of medical marijuana will not jeopardise their VA benefits.

Veterans’ financial aid from the VA may be jeopardised, but it may impact how doctors serve veterans. If a doctor notices that a veteran uses medical marijuana, they may decide not to give a necessary medicine for surgery, fearing that the veteran would become addicted.

Overall, cannabis laws and regulations that promote veteran cannabis usage and employment aid have fallen short. Several veteran-led charities have stepped in to fill in the gaps left by the government, lobbying for comprehensive cannabis reform and aiding veterans in the business.

The Cannabis Industry’s Contribution to Veterans

Many cannabis businesses recognise the positive influence they can have on veterans and how veterans can help their businesses. Here are a few groups that help veterans working in the marijuana sector right now:

THC Design – THC Design offers veterans a marijuana farming internship.

Buds for Vets is a non-profit organisation established in Florida that assists veterans in obtaining medical marijuana. Where it is legal, they provide discounted doctor screenings.

Battle Brothers Foundation: Battle Brothers provides veterans with mentorship and apprenticeship trade programmes to help them break into the business and receive medical treatment.

The Veterans Cannabis Project is a non-profit group dedicated to informing lawmakers and veterans about the medical marijuana advantages.

Veterans and cannabis have a long history of working together, and the cannabis business owes veterans a debt of gratitude for their service and connections to the industry.

Veterans get a discount on cannabis education.

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