You are the company you keep

We already know that Oregon ranks 50th for corporate taxes in the nation. This week we got some insight into where the corporate campaign against Measure 97 would like to take Oregon.

On Wednesday, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback visited Oregon to talk tax policy. In a meeting with officials from the Oregon Republican Party, the Governor engaged in a discussion about the impact of Measure 97.

It’s hard to think of a worse person to discuss tax policy with. Under his leadership, Kansas cut taxes across the board and eliminated the top tax bracket, fundamentally shifting the tax burden onto Kansas’ poorest citizens. Gov. Brownback’s regressive policies led to job stagnation, declining education funding, and a recession.

kansas-jobs kansas-funding

Gov. Brownback’s policies have set Kansas back. We can’t let the same thing happen in Oregon.

Oregon already has the lowest corporate taxes in the nation. It’s time for big corporations to pay their fair share to support education, healthcare and senior services. Sign the pledge to vote Yes on Measure 97 so we can keep Recession King Sam Brownback’s policies far away from Oregon.

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