The political revolution is alive and well in Oregon

our_revolution_endorsementPhoto: Benjamin Kerensa/Flickr

Our Revolution, the progressive action organization born out of Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, has just announced its support of Measure 97.

The goal of Our Revolution is to unify the millions of people who got involved with and were energized by Bernie’s campaign — people who are committed to Bernie Sanders’ progressive agenda, an agenda that prioritizes corporate accountability. Our Revolution is working to continue building the movement that sprung from the Sanders campaign, and is supporting groups, causes, candidates, and ballot measures that are in line with Bernie’s bold, progressive agenda. That’s why Our Revolution has joined the large coalition of more than 1,000 organizations, small businesses, and economists endorsing Measure 97.

Our Revolution recognizes the fundamental unfairness in Oregon’s tax structure that Measure 97 addresses: Large and out-of-state corporations aren’t paying their fair share. Over the last four decades, the share of Oregon income taxes paid by corporations has fallen from 18.5 percent to only 6.7 percent; meanwhile, working families and small businesses have been left to pick up the slack.

Many of the biggest problems Oregonians are facing stem from this shift away from corporate accountability: We have one of the largest average class sizes in the nation and one of the shortest school years — so it’s no wonder that Oregon’s high school graduation rate is the 4th worst nationwide. Nearly 300,000 Oregonians (including tens of thousands of children) still go without health insurance, and the number of Oregon seniors living in poverty is increasing year after year.

Our Revolution, the progressive action organization born out of Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, is endorsing Measure 97.

We can solve these problems if we hold big corporations accountable. That’s exactly what Measure 97 will do. By asking only the largest corporations — C corporations with more than $25 million in annual Oregon sales — to pay their fair share here like they do in other states, we could bring balance to Oregon’s tax structure and make meaningful investments in our education, health care, and senior services. Plus, Measure 97 will protect the small businesses in Oregon that are already paying their fair share. By taxing only the largest corporations (less than 1% of all businesses) we’ll level the playing field between Oregon’s small businesses — the backbone of our economy — and the big corporations they’re competing against.

We’re excited to have Our Revolution join the fight for corporate accountability here in Oregon — and we hope their endorsement will catch Bernie Sanders’ attention, and that he’ll join our movement, too. Spread the word, and tell Bernie to come to Oregon and show his support for Yes on 97!

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