Large and out-of-state corporations make hundreds of millions of dollars from the business they do here in Oregon. But they pay taxes that are so low that our schools and critical services are badly underfunded.

• Oregon has the 4th lowest graduation rate in the nation, and the 3rd largest class sizes.
• 383,000 Oregonians — roughly 1 in 10 — still lacks health insurance.
• 61% more Oregon seniors live in poverty today than a decade ago, while the services they need have not kept pace.

For decades, Oregon’s high school graduation rates have dropped to among the worst in the country and our critical services have languished, all because big corporations aren’t paying enough in taxes.

Companies like Bank of America, Comcast, Wal-Mart and Monsanto make hundreds of millions of dollars from the business they do here but pay taxes that are so low — the lowest in the country — that our schools and critical services are badly underfunded.

With Measure 97, we’ll increase the minimum tax for the world’s largest corporations, so that we can:

• Improve graduation rates and lower class sizes•
• Make sure every Oregonian has access to health care
• Help seniors retire with dignity and receive quality in-home care

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