Non-partisan panel votes to support Measure 97


Last week, a group of randomly selected Oregonians participated in the state’s nonpartisan Citizens’ Initiative Review, a panel intended to inform Oregonians about the ballot measures slated for the upcoming election. Participants heard from experts and advocates on both sides of Measure 97 before voting Sunday — and after four days of careful study, the panel voted in support of Measure 97.

We at the campaign appreciate the hard work of the panel. It’s clear that when Oregonians get the facts about Measure 97, they agree it’s time to hold large and out-of-state corporations accountable.

“We are currently in a crisis of underfunded public education, healthcare, and senior services. The passage of Measure 97 would quickly fix this. The measure would provide a more stable economic base for all Oregonians. We believe that fairness, responsibility, and accountability are the core values at stake in this matter.”

Additional non-partisan reports designed to study and research ballot measures have voted to support Measure 97 as well. In addition to the Citizens’ Initiative Review vote, a City Club of Portland committee released a draft majority report last week that found Measure 97 to be the right approach to invest in schools, healthcare, and senior services.

You can find the City Club of Portland’s report here. The Citizens’ Initiative Review panel’s findings can be found here; they will be published in the Oregon Voters’ Guide this fall.

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