Comcast is playing dirty

This week, we found out that big and out-of-state corporations really will do almost anything to hide the truth about Measure 97 so they can continue to get away with a free ride — Comcast has been censoring Yes on 97 ads in an attempt to hide the fact that it pays almost nothing in Oregon taxes.

We already knew that Comcast had a long and messy history when it comes to paying Oregon taxes: The company owes Oregon more than $120 million in property taxes, and so that it can dodge paying its fair share, has donated nearly half a million dollars to the campaign opposing Measure 97. Its latest move? Refusing to run Yes on 97 ads that include references to the company — an unfair move that kept our campaign off the TV airwaves for days.

The only way we were able to get back on the air, and get our message of corporate accountability to Oregonians, was to remove any mention of Comcast. If this sounds like censorship, that’s because it is.


“This is a clear and unprecedented act of censorship by Comcast… Voters deserve to know the truth about Comcast and other large corporations that have gotten away with paying close to nothing in Oregon taxes for years.” – Shamus Lynsky, Oregon Consumer League

Measure 97 has the potential to make a game-changing impact on the state of Oregon — but it only stands a chance if Oregon voters can actually hear all the reasons why we need to hold big corporations accountable. That’s why we need you to join us — knocking on doors, making phone calls, and having conversations with voters all around the state.

With your help, we can stand up to big corporate censorship. We can hold corporations accountable and build the Oregon that we all deserve.

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