Ballots are (almost) dropping

Today is the deadline to register to vote (not sure if you’re registered at your current address?), which means ballots get mailed — and people start voting — TOMORROW!

With Election Day getting closer and closer, every conversation we have with voters becomes increasingly important. People are getting inundated with messages from trustworthy sources and… not-so-trustworthy sources… but when we have real conversations with voters about Measure 97 and what it means for Oregon, we garner more support — the support that will allow us to win in November.

Our amazing volunteers and coalition partners know just how important it is that we talk to voters all around the state. So many of you joined us as we phone banked this weekend, and many more braved the storm — and we talked to tens of thousands of voters about voting Yes on 97!


If you haven’t signed up for a volunteer shift yet, you’re missing out! We’re canvassing everyday in Portland, Eugene, and Salem, with daily kickoffs at 10am, 1:30pm, and 5:30pm. As always, if knocking on doors isn’t your thing, sign up for a phone banking shift! Every conversation, whether at the door or on the phone, is critical.

If you’ll be in Portland this weekend, we’ve got something exciting planned: Governor Brown will be kicking off the canvass at the Yes on 97 headquarters, Sunday at 1:30pm. Join us!

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