About Measure 97

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Oregon needs Measure 97 because Oregon families deserve good schools and affordable health care. But because large and out-of-state corporations like Comcast and Bank of America pay lower taxes here than anywhere else in the country, our schools and services are suffering.

A study done by the independent Anderson Economic Group showed Oregon ranks dead last in corporate taxes in the country. Here’s what ranking dead last in corporate taxes means:

  • We’ve got the fourth lowest graduation rate in the country, the third largest class sizes, and one of the shortest school years.
  • Nearly 300,000 Oregonians don’t have any health coverage, including 37,000 Oregon kids.
  • We know that vital treatment is out of reach for many Oregonians. And for the average Oregonian with a modest income and marketplace insurance plan, they will spend about $1,600 in out-of-pocket health expenses this year.
  • State data shows that there are 21,000 more Oregon seniors living in poverty than there were a decade ago.
  • Two-thirds of retired Oregonians have no income from retirement savings, which means many seniors are one unexpected expense away from not being able to pay their rent or buy groceries.

Oregonians deserve better. A solid education, affordable health care, and retiring in dignity shouldn’t be out of reach. That’s where Measure 97 comes in.

Measure 97 will make large and out-of-state corporations with more than $25 million in Oregon sales pay their fair share. Measure 97 requires the revenue be directed to schools, health care, and services for senior citizens.

By making large corporations like Comcast, Monsanto, and Bank of America pay their fair share like they do in other states, we can build the Oregon that working families deserve.