6,576 Oregonians stand behind Measure 97!


Parents, teachers, small businesses, leaders, and organizations from every corner of the state have come together to build A Better Oregon — and they aren’t alone!

Thousands of Oregonians agree that by holding large and out-of-state corporations accountable, we can have strong schools and healthy Oregonians.

6,000 volunteers, 576 endorsements from community organizations, economists, parents and teachers, local leaders, and over 250 Oregon businesses — and our coalition is growing!

Here’s a snapshot of coalition members and why they support Measure 97:

Lisa Fragala, a second grade teacher from Eugene said that she and many of her fellow teachers have been inspired by Measure 97. “My coworkers and I see this as our legacy — a once in a lifetime chance to make a significant difference for our students and our schools.”

Maurice Rahming, president of O’Neill Electric in Portland, is one of the many small business owners who are fighting for Measure 97. “As a small business owner, I pay taxes that support the community where I live and do business. I support Measure 97 because I want big corporations from out of state to pay their share when they do business in my community.”

Rob Campbell, a Medford area nurse sees our state’s health care needs every day. “Every day at work I see my patients paying huge out-of-pocket deductibles. Meanwhile, nearly 400,000 Oregonians are still uninsured. That’s why I am supporting Measure 97 — because we all deserve quality, affordable health care.”

Tonia Hunt, Executive Director of Children First for Oregon, knows that Measure 97 will benefit Oregon’s kids. “Measure 97 is our best chance to meaningfully improve the well-being of children in our state, and we are proud to join the Yes on Measure 97 Coalition. Our children can’t afford to wait any longer for a full school year, lower class sizes, access to health care, and quality preschool.”

Click here to see the full list of organizations, small businesses, and individuals who endorse Measure 97.

And make sure to put your name in the fight! Pledge to vote yes on Measure 97 today.

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